What is the pricing for wholesale customers?

Please refer to the table to work out your discounts.


What is a “pack size”?

A pack size is the number of items that come in one pack/inner carton.  This number can differ from item to item.  Be sure to make sure that you check the pack size for each item.  The pack size can be found on each item's description. The pack size discount is shown when you click "buy in bulk and save"

You must order in multiples of the pack size to trigger your discount.  For example if a pack size was 12 - one pack is 12 for a 40% discount, two packs is 24 for a 50% discount and four packs is 48 for a 60% discount. 

If you order outside of the pack size the discount will NOT be triggered and you will NOT receive the discount.  Make sure that the discount you are expecting is applied BEFORE you finalise your order.  

Here's an example of finding the Pack Size for the Wool Hanging Wombat. 

Open the item click on "buy in bulk and save"


A window will pop up outlining the exact quantity to order for each discount.


If you have any questions please make an appointment to talk to Jane about how to order. 


I’ve ordered outside the pack size.  What do I do?

If you have found that you have ordered outside of the pack size and your wholesale discount was not triggered at the check out you are welcome to let us know and organise a refund of the difference.   

Email hello@amerrylittlechristmas.com.au with Pack Size Refund in the subject line.  

Then please clearly state the following:
Your order number
The products incorrectly ordered
The amount needed to refund
Your BSB and account number

Please note : There is an administration charge of $25 for each refund processed taken from the total amount to be refunded. 


What does Fully Allocated for 2021 mean?

Each item has been allocated an inventory quantity for the year.  When pre orders have reached that allocated quantity it has become Fully Allocated.   

If you would like to be notified if specific items become available due to order cancellations or deposits not being paid please add your email address on the item's page.  If items are added back into inventory you will be notified at that email address. 

See an example below. 

fully.png                       fully...png


What does exclusivity mean?

Our Partner Retailers enjoy having exclusive access to the products they purchase.  This means that in their postcode they are the only store able to sell those products.  The products they stock are not available to other retailers and online customers are redirected to their stores. 

To ensure exclusivity in your postcode you must be a Partner Retailer and have your pre order placed and deposit paid by the 14th March 2021.


What are the different retailer levels?

Retailer Levels trigger different advantages and expectations.  Partner Retailers enjoy more advantages however have higher expectations.  Choose the level that suits your business the best.  You can change levels from year to year.  


When are payments due?

For pre orders a 20% deposit is required at the time of order.  The remaining balance is due before the 1st of September.  

For all orders placed from the 1st of April 100% is due when placing the order. 



Where do you ship from?

Our main warehouse is in Wynnum, Brisbane. However we ship from various warehouses depending on the product range so your order may come in full or in parts.


When will my order be sent?

We aim to have all pre orders dispatched in September and October subject to stock availability.  Some items may ship later and we will keep you informed along the way.  

Orders placed prior to the 30th of September will be dispatched early October. 

By the end of October we should be on track to provide dispatch with 1 to 3 days depending on your retailer level. 


Can you process my order for me?

The short answer is no.  All orders are processed by customers through the website.  

The longer answer is still no.  However what we can do is step you through the ordering process whilst on a call.  If you are unsure about how to set up an account, what pack quanities are, how to ensure correct discounts are applied at the check out or have any other questions they can all be addressed on a call as you make your order. 

If you would like to make an appointment to go through your order with Jane personally click here and choose a time after the cart opens. 


How are refunds processed?

Refunds are processed directly into the bank account you provide on the first Monday of each month by our bookkeeper. 

If you are due a refund please send an email to hello@amerrylittlechristmas.com.au with Refund Due in the subject line.  Then please clearly state the following:
Your order number
The reason for the refund
The amount needed to be refunded
Your BSB and account number


How can we talk to you?

If you wish to speak to Jane about your order, how to order or about the range you are welcome to make an appointment with her at by clicking here.



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